What is HAAD?

HAAD or Health Authority- Abu Dhabi is the regulating sector of Health care in Abu Dhabi. Its primary aim is to ensure excellence in terms of health monitoring and maintenance of its overall population. 

HAAD provides regulatory structures for the Emirates’ health system including standard rules and regulations enforcement, adopt and sustain maximum/ world- class standards of health practices and performances by all health care service providers in Abu Dhabi. It is a comprehensive system which is geared towards excellence through continuous quality improvement in the health care settings. 

The HAAD Examination section provides licenses for all health professionals intending to work and practice their fields in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi through assessment tools that measure core and special competencies required for each professional group. 

HAAD-RN stands for Health Authority-Abu Dhabi for Nurses. It was established to maintain the standards of professional nurses wishing to work in Abu Dhabi, UAE. HAAD exams are used to evaluate the capability of a health professional both in clinical knowledge and skills.

Who is qualified to take the HAAD Examination for Nurses?

HAAD examination can only be taken by board passers of the Nursing Licensure Examination (local board). Requirements includes:

  1. updated RN License and passport.
  2. The nurse- applicant must preferably be currently working or has a 2-year working experience—1 year in the Medical-Surgical Ward & 1 year in a specialty area—in the hospital.

Where to take HAAD Examination for Nurses in the Philippines?

  • Pearson Professional Centers - Manila Philippines
    • Pearsonvue Testing Center for HAAD Exam
    • 312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue
    • Makati City, Manila, Philippines-1227
  • Cebu Testing Center
    • MISnet Inc.
    • 5/F Ongtiak Businees Center
    • #65 Gen. Maxilom Avenue
    • Cebu City, Philippines- 6000

How to schedule HAAD Examination for Nurses?

You can visit Pearson Vue online for registration. You can then schedule your HAAD examination after paying $90 through a credit card or directly to Pearson Vue in addition to AED 50/- in cash to be paid to HAAD Finance Department.

Registration and Scheduling

  1. Create your Pearson VUE web account.
  2. All eligibility criteria for your specialty (profession) must be meet in order for your application to be approved.
  3. Pearson VUE will email your USERNAME and PASSWORD within 48 hours. Thereafter, you may now schedule your examination date using the following options:
    • Schedule Online
    • Schedule By Phone

    A booking confirmation by email will be sent to you within 48 hours for the date and location of your examination. If no booking confirmation received within 48 hours or if any of the information is incorrect, contact Pearson VUE immediately at +971 4 453 5380 or from the UAE at 04 453 5380 between 08:30 and 17:00 UAE time, Saturday to Thursday, excluding Fridays and UAE Holidays, or by email at haadcustomerservices@pearson.com.

What to expect in this examination?

A 150 computer-based examination questions must be answered within 3 hours. You can finish the HAAD exam for nurses before the time, not beyond. An instruction will be given by the proctor before the exam starts. You need to listen carefully and ask questions—if that’s necessary for you—prior answering the exam. And of course, you are expected to be 100% prepared.

How is the examination process?

  • At the test centre, you are required to check in upon presenting your two (2) forms of valid, original identification cards. The test centre staff will verify your appointment time, identity, take a photo of you and collect your signature on an electronic signature pad.
  • Terms and conditions will be given and must be followed strictly for the sitting exam. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of sitting a Health Authority of Abu Dhabi examination.
  • You will be provided with a locker and key as per instructed by the test centre administrator to store all of your personal belongings after check in.
  • Once check in is complete you will either be asked to wait in the reception area or you will be escorted into the testing room.
  • You will be assigned in a testing station with a computer, mouse and keyboard. The Test Centre Invigilator will log you into the testing station and you will be ready to start the exam.
    • No additional material such as handheld calculators, pen and paper will be provided.
    • The exam will have an onscreen standard function calculator available for use.
    • Breaks are permitted during the exam however the exam will not be stopped during the break and the exam time will continue count down and cannot be made up.
  • Upon exam completion, you will be escorted out of the testing room and taken to the Reception desk to be checked out of the Test Centre. A printed sore report will be given afterwards and it indicates whether you passed or failed the examination. Please note that your exam result is one component of your HAAD licensure application process. If your application does not fulfill all of the required components of HAAD eligibility criteria, you will not be licensed to practice. The exam results will also be sent automatically to the Health Authority of Abu.

Will I be qualified to work in Abu Dhabi after passing HAAD?

After passing the HAAD examination, you can attach the score results as part of your application for employment in any hospitals in Abu Dhabi. But some nurses already working in Abu Dhabi encourages applicants to look for employment offer first before taking the examination because it is an advantage that you have a job offer rather than just take the examination without any employment offers.

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