Medical Technology REVIEW PROGRAM


Is a profession mostly dealing with knowledge and skills of collecting, preserving, and analyzing body fluids and cells in laboratory settings for detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases as well as reagent and stain preparation. Medical technologists are also well- trained to use modern laboratory equipments, instruments and scientific methods that will provide accurate laboratory results. They also do specimen analysis up to cellular levels. They are the primers for blood matching and analysis if in a case a patient is for blood transfusion. They also study laboratory results and are vital for safe and accurate medical or surgical treatments for patients. 

What is in the Medical Technology board exam?

Medical technology examination questions are from the six major subjects with their corresponding relative weight.

Clinical Chemistry, Microbiology and Parasitology, Hematology, Blood Banking and Serology each have 20% 

Clinical Microscopy (Urinalysis and other body fluids) and Histopathologic Technique each have 10%. 

How to pass?

A graduate of BS in Medical Technology needs to take the Medical Technology Board Examination before he/she can practice the profession. The Board of Medical Technology facilitates the exam under the supervision of the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC). It is scheduled twice a year in the months of September and March. 

To pass the examination you should obtain a general weighted average of 75% with no rating below 60% in all the subjects. Board results are released after 2-3 working days.



Rank One offers an intensified online review program for medical technology graduates who will be taking the licensure examination. A Review offering thorough, comprehensive, up to date review program, developing the right information, skills and attitudes that you need in passing the board examination.

This program will help you focus and achieve your main goal- to be a REGISTERED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST

Compiled past board examination questions with rationalizations

Lectures covering all major concepts 

       Clinical Chemistry ------------24 hours

       Clinical Microscopy-----------16 hours

       Microbiology-------------------24 hours

       Parasitology-------------------16 hours

       Hematology--------------------24 hours

       Serology/Immunology--------16 hours

       Blood Banking----------------16 hours

       Histo/Cyto---------------------16 hours

       MT Laws and Lab Mgt.----12 hours

Diagnostic Exams

Pre-test and Post-test

Final Coaching



Weekdays 8:00 - 5:00 pm