Psychometrician / Psychologist Review Program

What is a Psychometrician?


A psychometrician designs, scores, and analyzes tests that measure psychological characteristics, such as intelligence.  Psychometricians measure the validity, reliability, and fairness of an exam program, and are an integral part in the process of creating valid and reliable language tests.


 Qualification Standards for Psychometricians


A person who possesses the qualifications required to take the examination for registration as a psychometrician may be registered without examination; Provided, that the applicant files with the Board within 3 years, that is, until May 21, 2015, an application for registration and issuance of certificate of registration and professional identification card.

To qualify, he must furnish evidence or submit credentials satisfactory to the Board that:

1     1.  He/she Is a Filipino citizen, or a permanent resident or a citizen of a foreign state/country which extends reciprocity to the Philippines relative to the practice of the profession; 

2.     2.  He/she has obtained before June 2, 2010, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from a CHED-accredited institution or an internationally-recognized institution; 

3.     3. Has accumulated before June 2, 2010, a minimum of two years full-time work experience in the practice of psychometrics; 

4.     4.  Is of good moral character; and 

5.     5.  Has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense involving moral turpitude.


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